The staff and volunteers at Aniwave want to wish you a safe and joyful holiday season.

Who We Are
Wilmington, North Carolina plays host to an array of characters. One of those characters happens to be Aniwave INC, Wilmington’s very own Anime and Japanese Cultural Convention. Aniwave was founded in 2007 by Micheal W. as a film festival.  It evolved in 2009 as Wilmington’s Japanese Culture festival. Every year since Aniwave has continued to grow.

With our city of Wilmington having it’s wide collection of talent, we’re attempting to bring the city together to celebrate it’s local businesses, artists, musicians, and much more. We’ll be accepting artist alley and dealers room applications with an open mind to content. It’s hard to assign one genre to what you consider awesome, so we’re attempting to put all of those amazing things together in one place.

Adachi Trieu
Aniwave Director

Call Ebay telephone number and keep a lookout for upcoming announcements.