Never Miss An Important Call Again

For those who are tired of missing calls while away from your desk, short-handed at the office and overwelmed answering calls or when it is between office hours and customers just don’t leave messages, there is an easy solution. No need to fret. Today’s advances in technology, added to a personal touch, can provide the remedy needed to fix this problem, building cutomer confidence while increasing productivity and sales. As many are already aware, callers hang up on answering recordings, but less than 1% of callers will hang up on a live person. Combine that with technology and the solution to never missing a call again while providing stellar customer support is evident: Live Telephone Answering Service.

Technology, with its consistent expansion in products brought the smart circuit board, referred to in the industry as PCB, or printed circuit board. PCB are now quite common in almost all electroni components used every day. Basically a circuit board is a connection of pads and copper lines, known as traces, connecting together schematically as they are attached to a plastic board that is reinforced with glass. The copper traces act as wires allowing an electric current, or charge, to flow through the circuit board, thus providing the power needed to function correctly. The copper traces guide the electricity to the correct destination, according to preselected programming.

For advanced electronics to function properly multipe layers of boards are required since traces cannot cross paths without interfering with proper function. Depending on the device for which the PCB is designed to work a variety of electronic items may be used. Different components are required for different circuits. Components of a PCB may include parts such as a battery, resistors, LEDs, transistors, capacitators, inductors, diodes and switches. These all work together as designed to make amazing things happen.

Now that the technical side of pcb prototyping have been discussed one might ask how this fits in with a live telephone answering service. In the past companies and busy individuals like doctors and emergency workers relied on pagers or an answering service. Messages were taken and eventually reached the individual or company. Even with cell phone technology many calls are still missed today. With the newer circuit board technologies the oppurtinity exists to respond to calls as they occur.

The live telephone answering service combines personalization with thechnology to respond to customer requests according to pre-selected choices provided to them in advance, much like a daily employee. Instructions appear on the screen with each call directing the service employee to respond as the client desires. Services offer the choice of how the client wants to respond, whether it be transferring the call directly, answering customer questions to specifications or taking a message. The client may even access a dashboard to track activity.

The caller rarely realizes they have not actually reached their intended party. Well, in reality they have, but not in the traditional sense. All of this is possible because of the advancement in circuit board technology.