Meet our Artists!

This is our confirmed Artist list for 2015!  This list will be updated frequently so check back to see if your favorite convention artist will be joining us this year.



Thranduart Cosplay

Frantic Studio

Priceless Companions

Grace of the Goddess

Whimzical Whizkerz

Liesel’s Hat Hutch

Neko Kitty Studio

Gabrielle Despaigne

Chelsea Champion

Katherine Bartlett

Patrick Blanks

Moonspoon Studio

Iron Clown Studios

Finch of Whimsy

Kyo·So Studio

Steam with Cream

Calico North

taxable income designs

Isai Sanchez

Elle Terpstra

Cross Hearts

Cream & Cryptids Sundries

Emma Lowman

Spider Stop Shop

Ouja Akuma

Jo DeSante

Aimee Rigsby

Cultbunny / Naki Shuuhei

AFK for Cosplay

Kawaiiju creations

Jess Stoncius

B. Marlow


We have open Artist Alley spots! Only 3 left available for Aniwave 2015.