Cosplay Contest

A staple of every convention, come and join us for the pomp and parade that is amazing cosplay!  Cheer on your favorite characters as they come to life on our stage!


Are you ready to show off your best formal cosplays?  Want to dance the hour away with your favorite characters? Here’s your chance as Aniwave brings you our first ever Masquerade.  Formal attire/cosplay highly recommended.  Please bring a mask with you or use one of the masks provided by us.

Japanese 101

Learn useful tips and tricks to survive your time overseas.  This panel will teach you a little bit about travelling in lovely Japan.


Parent’s Guide to Anime

Japanese cartoons (anime) fascinate millions of tweens and teenagers around the world. At its best, anime tells amazing and uplifting stories that stretch the imagination. However, most children and teenagers are not ready for some anime that present dark and disturbing material aimed at adult viewers. You want to protect your children from inappropriate material, but may not know how to judge anime because it seems so bizarre in both content and style. This panel will give you the information you need to understand anime and manga (Japanese comic books). More importantly, it will provide the tools you need to evaluate anime based on your morals and how you want to raise your children. You will also learn how to use anime as a positive influence in your child’s life. 

Cosplay Armor and Props:  Fabricating with Mixed Media

This panel will cover beginner to advanced intermediate.  Instruction on the use of paper crafts, EVA, resin, fiberglass, thermoplastics, foam and adhesives.

Shaolin Academy Demonstrations

An epic one hour martial arts demo put on by Wilmington’s Shaolin Martial Arts Academy.

Everything You Need To Know About VOCALOID

Are you a fan of VOCALOID? Are you thinking about buying the software of the world’s “Virtual Diva” but would like to know where to get it? Then this panel is for you! Come and join Emerii as she discusses the brief history, does a live demonstration of the software, and talks about the global phenomenon called VOCALOID.

Running Your Own Podcast

Ever wanted to start your own YouTube Channel? Or maybe take a dive into having a Podcast? It’s now easier then ever before. Local YouTuber and Podcast host of XS Gaming Podcast Xander Skullion will be joining us again this year to teach you some tips and tricks and answer questions.
You can check out Xander Skullion on YouTube and listen to his Gaming Podcast “XS Gaming Podcast” Here.
Omake Ikuze
The Omake Ikuze crew is back with a 4th installment to uncover those gems from the past that got lost in the shuffle. Relive nostalgia or find a new series!
Do the WRITE Thing
Want to become a manga-ka? Want to improve your fanfiction? Let a creative writing major from the University of North Carolina Wilmington help you out! This interactive panel teaches you about modern literary techniques and relates it to your favorite anime and manga. And after the presentation, be prepared to create your own story!
Carolina Kei Presents J-Fashion
Join members of Carolina Kei as they discuss in depth about J-fashion topics, such as J-fashion vs Cosplay, resources for purchasing fashion online, what Carolina Kei is all about, and a mini showcase of various J-fashion styles!
Hang Out with the Ghouls
Come spend an hour with the Ghouls from Tokyo Ghoul. There will be games and activities including; Truth or Dare, Who’s most likely to, Speed dating, Questions, and a Raffle. Keep in mind that this panel will have spoilers from the Anime.
Anime Trivia
Do you have what it takes to be the very best like no one ever was at Anime Trivia? Test your luck and maybe even win some prizes!
Reading a Pattern
Sewing patterns can be tricky to a beginner cosplayer, come learn with the FanDames how to read and interpret a sewing pattern.
Cosplay Contests 101
Competing can be a scary, we’re here to help ease that fear. The FanDames will go over each step of a cosplay competition and give tips about how to give yourself a competitive edge.
Sip and Scribble: Creating Indy Comics and Manga 
Get some tips and tricks on getting your own original comics printed from Brandon Blanks (Brain Matter and KFA) and Mike Pigford (Blood and Batteries and Life’s All Hours). From panel layout to self printing, these two have got the answers!
Kpop vs Jpop Dance Battle
Like to dance? Know point dances of Kpop/Jpop songs? Test your skills and throw it down at the Kpop vs Jpop dance battle!
Intro to Figurines
An entire panel learning the ins and outs of one of the most expensive otaku hobbies, figure collecting. I’ll be explaining the different types of figures from Trading figures, action figures scale figures and more!